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When it comes to Innovation and great ideas, MyWay Promotions should be your first call to help you get your business, product or event promoted. We have helped many start-up businesses to be noticed with our innovative designs and low-cost promotional products. Even if you have a big business that has been going for many years, we will find a way to give it some extra momentum with the next product launch or promotion that you have planned.

Our innovative and low-cost Pocket Tissue Advertising has had excellent reviews across the spectrum of industries and it can be your solution for your next Product Launch, Event advertising or Business Promotion.

Promotional Tissue Packets

As you will find, free tissue pack hand-outs are more than 4 times as effective as a leaflet, which is another reason it is such good value for money

These small Tissue Packs with your own personal message, logo, slogan or whatever you need printed in the pack, is ideal for Estate Agents who want to reach into people’s homes in a particular area; Funeral Undertakers or Funeral Service Providers who want to advertise their business or financial products directly to other funeral goers or visitors; businesses who want to promote a Store Opening by having a tear-off FREE voucher inserted; Industries who need to spread Discount Vouchers on their products. The application is endless!

Promotional Tissue Packs  

We also design and manufacture other innovative promotional products like Tissue Cups for placement in Car Cup holders on the dashboard (an innovative facial tissue cup dispenser with your logo and advert printed on the cup); specially designed low-cost tissue boxes for rental cars or the car service Industry (a Small paper tissue box printed with your logo and advert, that fits perfectly in a vehicle door); Specially designed low-cost quality Hotel Tissue Packs (also printed with your own logo or advert).

Promotional Tissue Cups                              Promotional Tissue Box

Talk to us for a suitable solution for your business that is guaranteed to reach your target market and stimulate customers who you normally would not reach - Pocket Tissue Advertising truly works
MyWay Promotions is based in Boksburg, Johannesburg but we service and deliver throughout South Africa

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